Proposed Trip To Australia By FPC Mission Board

The outline so far of the proposed trip to Australia is as follows:

(1) We are planning to visit all the works in Australia; Kingston, Tasmania, Port Lincoln & Lock & Perth.

(2) We will help the Churches with Children’s meetings, outreach and Special Gospel meetings; with the Young People taking part in the meetings. 

(3) There will be places for no more than eight young people aged at least 18 and over. The small number will help to keep the price down.

(4) We are planning to go either at the end of September & beginning of October 2018 (Springtime in Australia) and we will be away for approximately three weeks.

(5) We expect the price to be in the region of £2,500

(6) We will be factoring in some time for sightseeing in each area where the Churches are located. 

All this of course is dependent on the level of interest, you can find out more by clicking below:

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