David and his family are currently serving the Lord in that North East coastal Port of Larne. Read more about Rev Brown here.

A Word from our President

In this 41st year of the Youth Council I am delighted to have been elected as President to serve the Lord along with the committee and delegates. I can testify personally to a sense of indebtedness to the Youth Council for the training and opportunities given for service. The Youth Council over has played a hugely significant role in influencing the young people of our denomination for good. It is my prayer that it will continue to assist our youth in the organization and coordination of events that will evangelise, encourage and equip. All for the glory of God!

Our aim is to present the gospel clearly to our young people, preparing them to stand for Christ with godly convictions and a firm grasp of the scriptures! John Calvin, having founded his academy in Geneva, said “Send me raw wood and I will give you back arrows.” In Deuteronomy 6:7 the Lord commands that the younger generation are to be taught the truth of God’s Word ‘diligently’. Interestingly the Hebrew word ‘teach’ is shanan which means to sharpen! This verse brings a fresh emphasis to Calvin’s vision and reminds us of our responsibility to sharpen our young people to serve Christ now.

‘Can we really expect much from our young people?’ May I remind you of some young people who did exploits for God? Thomas Drowy was aged 15 and William Hunter 19 when they were burned in 1555 for allegiance to Christ. William Featherston penned the words of that great hymn “My Jesus I love thee I know thou art mine’ when aged just 16 before going to be with his Saviour aged 26. Robert Murray McCheyne saw much accomplished through the power of God on his life throughout his 20’s! God is able to do great things in and through our young people.

‘… Finally, brethren, pray for us. …’