Meet the Puritans

Author: Joel R. Beeke & Randall J. Pederson

Published by: Reformation Heritage Books

Pages: 896

George Whitefield said “The Puritans were burning and shining lights…driven from their respective charges to preach in barns and fields, in the highways and hedges, they in a special manner wrote and preached as men having authority…”

The Puritans lived from the late 16th Century to the early 17th Century. Some notable Puritans include Matthew Poole, John Bunyan, Matthew Henry and John Owen. Many of their writings are still published today and are in high demand, due to their love for Christ and their great ability of expounding scripture. Many of their books are basically sermons that have been put into book form.

This book offers a biographical account of around 150 Puritans, including some Scottish and Dutch Divines. Each account is brief, easy to read and includes a list of those books by each person that have been reprinted in the last 50 years. I personally find it beneficial to have a book that can give me the background of each Puritan whose writings I read.

On reading these accounts you will notice how much they suffered from persecution and trials in their own personal lives. Many lost their wives and children to sickness and death, yet they went on living for the Lord.

In the world today there are many Christian books that are not worth the paper they are written on, but the writings of the Puritans are rich in their presentation of the Gospel. This book by Joel Beeke gives the reader an excellent introduction and some guidelines to start reading the Puritans.

Whether this book is used for reference or perhaps in devotional reading with a biography each day, it will be a benefit to the reader, who I trust will develop an interest in reading these men, learn about this important time in Church History and most importantly be blessed by God.

Review by: Andrew Fitton