To extend Christ’s kingdom and develop Christian character amongst the Youth.


Delegates’ meet four times a year at different venues.


The meetings are a forum for discussion and sharing of ideas. The Youth Council facilitates the organisation of various events: Two evenings of prayer per year, March and September rallies, five summer open-airs, Summer Outreaches, Projects, Summer camps, Training weekends, Missionary weekends, Leadership seminars and Fun & Fellowship nights.


Two representatives from each fellowship. The committee is elected from and by the delegates to represent the geographical areas in Northern Ireland. The committee makes recommendations to the delegates for them to agree on. The President is elected by the delegates every two years – the current President is Rev. Paul Smith. The Youth Council is subject to Presbytery.


Evenings of Prayer

We have two special evenings of prayer at nine different venues across Ulster – one at the beginning of the New Year and another one in the autumn. These have been well supported with many young people praying publicly for the first time.


During March and September each year special rallies are held. Topical subjects as requested by the members of Council are preached upon by guest speakers. These have been blessed times with large numbers of young people in attendance but, more importantly, where the Lord’s presence has been known in the meetings.

Training Weekend

Each year a Training Weekend is organised for those interested in outreach work. This weekend is conducted in a very practical way, with a good combination of lectures, presentations and individual contribution from the attendees. The emphasis of the training is on Evangelism, and includes specific items on communication skills, door to door work, open airs and leading souls to Christ. This event is seen as a preparation activity for those wishing to travel on our Summer Outreach.

Summer Outreach Programme

Each year a group of young people travel to a particular work within the church, usually in England, Scotland or Wales, and seek to conduct door to door visitation, open-air meetings and tract distribution. This event has been blessed of the Lord in the salvation of souls and the encouragement of our young people who attend.


Since 1981 the Youth Council have been involved in a number of Projects. Three of the projects have been for the Whitefield College of the Bible raising almost £24,000 for Computers, printers and other equipment. Five projects have been conducted in support of our Missionary efforts with £41,000 raised for various works in Kenya, and £10,000 to enable Let the Bible Speak broadcast in China and purchase digital projectors.

Summer Camp

The Youth Council endeavour to take young people away for a residential camp every summer. There they enjoy fun and fellowship at this special week of meetings and activities. In past years the Lord has used these camps in the salvation of precious souls, the restoration of the backslidden and the edification of the youth.

Leadership Seminar

This seminar aims to assist Youth Leaders, Committee Members & designated youth organise and lead their local Youth Fellowship

Missionary Weekend

This weekend is organised for young people who are interested in learning more about our church missionaries and the work they are involved in. Much emphasis is placed on prayer and the awakening of hearts to the great missionary cause.

Fun & Fellowship Nights

In the summer the Youth Council organise a number of fun & fellowship nights throughout the province. These events bring our young people together in the middle of the summer when they have fewer opportunities for fellowship.