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Current Project:
'Consider Christ' Outreach Program

Total RaisedConsider Christ is an outreach movement of the Free Presbyterian Church. It began some years ago in Ulster with Gospel literature being placed in every home in the Provence; together with Gospel Rallies; billboard texts and posters in buses. The Lord blessed His Word and souls were saved.

The movement then spread into the South of Ireland where it continues today in the form of Outreach days, where between 70 and 100 people travel to various towns and cities every 2 months. On these days doors are knocked, the Gospel is presented in word and tract, together with an invitation to a Gospel meeting in local hotel the following week. The response has been very encouraging, with up to 28 local people attending the meeting.

The Lord has been pleased to save souls and some meetings have continued on a monthly basis for some time. A monthly meeting in the town of Athlone has been conducted now for 2 years and continues to attract local people eager to hear the Word of God. It was the unanimous decision of the Delegates if the Youth Council that the current project would be to raise money to support the Consider Christ Outreach.

To date over 6000 has been given and many of the young people join the outreach team to spread the good news if the Gospel in the South of Ireland.


Help raise funds for 'Consider Christ' within your own Youth Fellowship! Posters to help raise awareness are available to you below. Why not put one on your noticeboard?