A member of our denomination has offered a £30 sponsorship to each YC outreach applicant going to London UEFA Euro 2020 from 19th – 23rd June
or Convoy children’s mission from 6th- 12th July.

That amount will be deducted from the online price.

Please complete one form per person

Please use this form to apply for the following events

UEFA Euro 2020, London

Friday 19th - Tuesday 23rd June

Age 18+

Cost: £205 (£60 Deposit)

Cost with Sponsorship: £175 (£60 Deposit)

Event Code: MO (Mainland Outreach)

Closing date: Saturday 18th April 2020

Children’s Outreach, Convoy, Co. Donegal

Monday 6th – Sunday 12th July

Age 16+

Cost: £110

Cost with Sponsorship: £80

Event Code: CO (Children's Outreach)

Closing date: Saturday 18th April 2020

Please note that the deposit for your selected event is non-refundable, and must be received no later than.

- Please make cheques payable to: Free Presbyterian Youth Council
- To pay by bank transfer, please contact us by email at secretary@fpcyouth.org for bank details.
Please include First Name Initial + Surname + Event Code on your bank transfer as reference (eg: JBloggsMO)

A letter of approval from your local minister/session must be provided on application, please send this to our Missionary Secretary, their details can be found on the downloadable PDF application form on the previous page.

Please select the event(s) you'd like to apply for below

Feel free to select multiple if you are intending to attend several events.

What method will you be using to make payment?

Personal Details

Date of Birth:


How long have you been in membership of your local church

Please outline your interest in evangelism

Please indicate what experience in evangelism you have had within your local church, the Youth
Council or other areas of the Lord’s work.

Details of GP

Details of any allergies/special needs

Please Provide two emergency contact numbers

Parent/Guardian Consent (under 18's only)

I give permission for:

  1. my child to attend the outreach selected on the dates highlighted
  2. To take part in the activities organised
  3. To be administered with first aid if needed, by a trained first aider or medical treatment given if needed by a suitably qualified medical practitioner. To the best of my knowledge, I confirm that the above details are correct.

Photograph Consent (all ages)

A signature is required for the below either for yourself if you are 18 or over, or by your parent if under 18:

  1. I give permission for photographs of my child/self to be taken during the outreach to promote future outreaches via
    media, Youth Council Website and Pamphlets, and to hold information given in this form.

Please sign using your finger or your mouse cursor in the box below: